I started this brand as an ode to my grandfather. Back in Europe, Grandpa had his own highly successful Atelier where he catered to high-ranking officials and aristocrats. When things became difficult for the family to stay due to sweeping unrest, it was through fashion that Grandpa was able to use his connections and bring the family to America. Once in NYC, Grandpa continued on as a lead fashion designer in big fashion houses at the time. As a young girl, I was fascinated by his work and used to study his designs and creations and dream up the day I would join him. Life went on, Grandpa passed, and I chose the medical field. On a visit to Grandpa's grave, my dreams of joining him came back; it was time to launch my own fashion career. I gave up school, drew up all the inspiration from my youth and brought forth Nina. Nina is all about femineity and classic designs. In a world of fast fashion, I invite you to taste our authentic fresh pieces with a touch of vintage. There is nothing like drawing on the past to create better futures, and in our case, designs.